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Being bound by the stars isn't terrible...

...when you can still walk in the sun.

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Name:Gabriella Blackwell
Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:Louisiana, United States of America
Gabriella was the doted on daughter of the wealthy Blackwell family in a smaller English town back in the 1800s. She herself was a well loved girl in the town, bright and happy. She had an outgoing personality and always found the fun even in smaller town life. She also had several suitors and female interests that she teased and toyed with.

Her family made their wealth by buying up land and renting it out to everyone in town, which of course made a fair amount of enemies as it makes. Gabriella's brothers got into an argument with a renter and one rainy night as she was traveling with them, the renter came after them. She was caught in the crossfire, taking several bullets.

One brother ran for help while the other brother tried to keep her conscious. Though a mysterious stranger appeared before she died. As her vision was blurring, and unable to help, she watched as the cloaked man knocked her brother out before she was being force fed a heavy, coppery tasting liquid before she blacked out. When she woke she was whole but extremely thirsty, and a thirsty that water and wine wouldn't sooth.

The man, she found, was one of her would be suitors. Robert Engle. And the reason she'd only ever seen him, was because he was a vampire. He taught her that she had to forsake the sun, feed on people, and hide what she really was now. It was a hard road, and one that she never entirely forgave Robert for putting her on. She missed the sun terribly, had flourished in it. And when she felt strong enough, she bolted. Leaving the enamored and territorial vampire behind to try and set out on her own life.

She had to make a new life for herself, because her family had seen her die. New life. New town. And new goals to try and work around, especially with the fact that she couldn't go out in the sun. In 1895, Gabriella met a witch named Sarah who was able to spell a ring for her, allowing her to go out in the sun light. After fifty years of being unable to walk in the sun, she was delighted to finally have that ability back. She hasn't wasted a minute of being able to walk in the sun again since.

She's a bright soul, despite the darkness that was forced on her. Every few decades Robert shows up, trying to get her back, trying to drag her under his thumb. And every few decades, she tries to push him away, push him off. It's gotten worse since she got her spelled ring, because he hasn't been able to get a witch to spell him a ring and he wanted one desperately.

She feeds off people, but she's perfected the art of leaving her meals alive after she's fed. She doesn't swing one way or the other sexual, but dabbles in both sides and has since she was human. And she's rather bubbly and bright for a vampire, not that she always makes that well known.

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[Gabriella is an original character based on no particular fandom. Candice Accola is herself. Feel free to PM for any lines, plots, or fun. Mun and Muse are 25+]
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